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Working with Saif I was consistently impressed with his tenacity and work ethic. His careful attention to meeting schedule demands, without compromising on the quality of his work was a real asset to our team. Saif impressed me most with his eager willingness to accept and meet challenges and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

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I have recently participated in several lengthy HAZOP and SIL

Determination studies facilitated by Saif Khan of Enginvest Consulting Inc.

Enginvest provided the experience and expertise to ensure smooth

proceedings. Saif was able to fill both the required roles of technical facilitator and process safety engineer. His expertise with the software tools (PHA-Pro software), the methodologies (HAZOP, Risk Graph), his chemical engineering background,and

knowledge of Oil Sands mining and extraction process all helped to ensure that all the PHA studies ran smoothly. Under his guidance, the assigned PHA team was efficient and productive. Enginvest Consulting Inc. was a valuable part of the team effort.


Saif played a crucial role facilitating Hazop and SIL sessions for the Total JNM project.

He is a dynamic professional and knowledgeable Risk Management Consultant. He is friendly and 

hardworking individual. He manages time very well and stays focused on the subject.

Hope to continue to work with Saif for many projects to come.

During our association I have found Saif to be an eager and quick learner.

The work that he performed was of high quality and calculations accurate.

He brought a fresh aspect to the work at hand and was always on the lookout

for new information and techniques. He was a pleasure to have on my team.

Saif is thorough in his preparation, a proficient Scribe and Facilitator
and follows through with timely reports and results.

if has proved that he strives for excellence in any engineering
and process improvement related activity.

At Enginvest, our team strives for continued technical and service excellence, on every project, for every client.

Our clients and associates have been generous for sharing their kind thoughts, that we share with pride and humility.

Saif’s dedication as demonstrated by his willingness to spend extra hours is testimony to his superb professionalism and his sense of responsibility to maintain the highest standards in his work.